DCS news website launch

Blog with developments, tips, news, and more in the field of distributed control systems (DCS)

We would like to welcome you to this DCS blog website, which functions as a platform to find useful information concerning distributed control systems. A broad range of topics in the field of DCS will be covered, such as:

  • Innovations & developments
  • Cyber security
  • Migration justifications
  • DCS manufacturers & integrators
  • Migration/ upgrade reasons & checklists
  • Case studies
  • Company profiles
  • Tools & equipment
  • Other DCS news

Distributed control systems are the heart of a process plant and therefore very important. Constant developments create new opportunities but also new threats; i.e. need for cyber security due to online data sharing/storage. Using this blog website we try to give as much important DCS news as we can, while trying to help with tough decisions and strategies related to DCS.