Featured: DCS migration tool (IST-203)

When an old DCS has grown obsolete it needs to be replaced for a new DCS. Some plants require a DCS migration during online process conditions, due to a continuous production process. This requires a hot cutover method. To able to perform this hot cutover, extensive planning and procedures are required. Safety and reliability are of great importance in order to avoid any unexpected process influences. There are several ways to perform a hot cutover. We will highlight one of the safest and most reliable methods: using a DCS Migration Tool.

DCS migration tool (IST-203 Hot Cutover)

The IST-203 is a tool which is specially designed for replacing and old or obsolete DCS during online process conditions. This means the production process can continue throughout the migration.

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Case study with Yokogawa

In cooperation with Istec International, Yokogawa used the IST-203 for the DCS migration at Emerald Kalama Chemical in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

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About Istec International

Istec International was
established in 1974 and has a strong background in measurement and control, with a focus in the energy, chemical, petrochemical and bulk industry. Additionally they are specialised in condition monitoring, vibration measurement and calibration. Istec International distinguishes itself for the high level of technical support offered, the flexibility and the will to find the best possible solution to even the smallest requirement.

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