DCS migration checklist

Important steps before using a hot cutover method

A hot cutover method makes it possible to migrate your DCS during online process conditions. This  reduces your migration costs, which is an important goal when planning a DCS migration. Although there are several hot cutover methods, they all have the goal to prevent downtime.

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Before being able to use a hot cutover method there are several requirements you have to meet. These are presented by Honeywell in a useful checklist document. This checklist consists of several parts:

  • Data collection (site audit) – Collect data about every process loop in the controllers.
  • Data analysis (site audit) – Create a loop diagram and a document to tag each controller in the order in which they are cutover.
  • Database construction
  • Planning – repairs, replacements, add-ons before and during the hot cutover, schedule of one-loop-at-a-time cutover.
  • Training and orientation – team members are involved in all the preceding planning and data collection operations.
  • Communications – at least two different clear communication channels should be established
  • Teambuilding – a well-trained group of process operators should be created
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