DCS Maintenance

DCS Maintenance could be defined as: “All actions that are necessary to keep the DCS stay operational in its full functional state as main objective.”

There are 4 types of DCS maintenance:

  1. Breakdown maintenance
  2. Preventive maintenance
  3. Corrective maintenance
  4. Maintenance preventions

Breakdown maintenance

This is the most inefficient way of maintenance: a part get repaired when it breaks or fails.

Preventive maintenance

With preventive maintenance, regular activity is performed in order to keep the functional condition. During this activity there will be cleaning, replacing before failing, et cetera. This preventive maintenance can be approached on two different ways: periodic maintenance and predictive maintenance. Periodic maintenance follows a predefined time schedule while predictive maintenance is based on working conditions like: 2500 hours running at 85% of load)

Corrective maintenance

With corrective maintenance, we try to detect and improve weaknesses that might result in failures or breakdowns.

Maintenance prevention (Predictive maintenance)

Maintenance prevention means performing actions like design actions, to reduce maintenance requirements, based on the experience and analysis of the past with similar equipment.