DCS + Cybersecurity

The growing need for cyber-security features in industrial control systems

The last couple of years a growing need for cybersecurity of control networks has occurred. Cyber-security for industrial control systems, such as DCSs, need to be taken very seriously. As these systems used to be largely unconnected, the concern for cyber-security has mainly grown due to the growing connectivity of these control systems. Manufacturers are digitizing and sharing industrial control data with other systems, which makes them vulnerable for cyber-attacks. This can result in severe financial damages and the loss of human life due to system errors. This makes cyber-security an important matter.

DCS cybersecurity

A report from Frost & Sullivan shows that the DCS market is growing. However, this growth is held back by concerns related to cyber-security. Therefore, DCS manufacturers are forcing DCS vendors to add cyber-security features and services in order for them to take advantage of the market opportunity; the growing need for DCSs.

Cyber-attack on power companies

A known cyber-attack was the one on the power companies in Ukraine, resulting in many thousands of homes without power. The attack is known as one of the first large scale cyber-attacks ever. Any sector that relies on industrial control systems is a potential target of cyber-attacks. Therefore, it is very urgent to add cyber-security to your control system.